Carpet Cleaning

Variety of Cleaning Services

Your flooring sets the tone of a room, so when you need carpet cleaning in and around Wiltshire, it makes sense to bring in the experts. We’ve got years of experience looking after wool and man-made fibres, sisal and seagrass. We are Woolsafe certified, to hand care for delicate Persian and Chinese rugs.

We pride ourselves on providing a thorough service which is why a full written survey is conducted to assess the best methods for us to use. We always use a pre-treatment to remove grime and heavy soiling, followed by the most suitable cleaning solution to maximise the end results. We then remove stains as much as possible with the aim to eliminate them completely. However, depending on the severity of the stain we may not be able to guarantee 100% stain removal.

Our experience covers a wide variety of homes, rental properties, and workplaces. We have dealt with many types of difficult situations and stains, and we’re always happy to work with you in finding ways to restore carpets that may need extra care.

Sisal Carpets Services

There is an increasing number of carpets made from 100% natural plant material that require a specialist service. The system we use will not cause any shrinkage and is completely natural. We are experienced in this field and clean these carpets on a regular basis, we have never experienced problems to date and also specialise in sisal carpet cleaning.

Carpet Inspections

The role and function of a carpet Inspector is to investigate and determine the causes of a complaint, his role is to gather only the facts, he must be able to determine the specific cause of the problem. Following the inspection, a written report that is an accurate, objective and informative is delivered to the commissioning party, credibility and integrity of the inspector inspires the client to produce the final decision on a possible claim settlement.

The following is a format the report will take:

A carpet inspection costs £250, this will include the carpet inspection plus a full report that is court admissible. Travel expenses may also be charged dependent on location.

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